Somewhere, in the dark, haunted corridors of old New York, a girl has gone missing. Max Thanatos reluctantly takes the case, but he is neither a detective nor with the police. Max is an exiled member of the Order of the Golden Dawn, a clandestine group of magi tasked with the study and protection of the blackest of magics, and he will need every spell as he plunges into an insidious world of eldritch horrors and fabled societies to find her.

But, the already-impossible case spirals into something far worse after Max’s own bloody history with the Golden Dawn resurfaces. Now, he must outmaneuver old enemies, broker deals with new ones, and outwit a sadistic necromancer who has his own dastardly designs for the child. Yet, this is a tale of two brothers. Together with Max is Charlie, who is with him in spirit; quite literally, for the man’s ghost joins the exiled warlock on every step of his journey to save the girl, themselves, and everyone they ever held most dear.

My debut novel, THE BROTHERS THANATOS, will be released in 2021. Date TBD, so please make sure to check back for future updates.